The Governance in the Corporate Excellence Model – The 4th generation model


Excellence; Corporate Excellence; Excellence Models; Organizational Excellence Models; Excellence Standards; Fourth Generation System; Governance; Institutional Excellence System; Government Sector; Public Sector; United Arab Emirates.

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Salman, M. and Laouisset, J. (2020) “The Governance in the Corporate Excellence Model – The 4th generation model”, International Journal of Business Ethics and Governance, 3(2), pp. 71-91. doi: 10.51325/ijbeg.v3i2.34.


The objective of the study is to identify the impact of corporate excellence model on corporate governance in the official sector of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The study employs a survey method composed of 30 questions. Following the United Nations (UN) Convention against Corruption, the questionnaire was divided into 6 components: contribution, transparency, accountability, rule of law, efficiency, and effectiveness. The sample consists of 691 employees which represents 30% of total population. Data is analyzed using SPSS. Results indicate that implementing the corporate excellence model positively affects UAE corporate governance. Relatively, the participation, rule of law, justice, efficiency, and effectiveness are implemented at the level of managers and deputy managers, while accountability is depicted at the level of employees. Important recommendations are derived. To ensure excellence and empower leaders and managers, companies should incentivize them. Training opportunities with international organizations and awards system will contribute to motivate employees, elevate their sense of loyalty and integrity while broadening their knowledge of successful governance practices.


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