This website of IJBEG includes commercial advertising in its website, printed materials, and other forms of communication.

Online advertising: Any use of the logos or copyrighted material for links to and from the publisher’s website must be approved in advance by the publisher. Unauthorized linking is prohibited. Our advertising policy contains the following:

  1. All advertisements are accepted and published by the publisher independently of editorial decisions. Thus, the editorial content of the journal is not compromised by commercial or financial interests or any specific arrangements with advertising clients or sponsors. To put another way, editorial decisions are not influenced by current or potential sponsors or advertisers or by marketing decisions. Advertising is separate from content. Advertisers and sponsors have no advance knowledge of our editorial content, nor do the editors have advance knowledge of advertisers. Content is never altered, added, or deleted to accommodate advertising. Advertisers and sponsors have no input regarding any of our editorial decisions or advertising policies. The advertising sales representatives have neither control over, nor prior knowledge of, specific editorial content before it is published.
  2. Advertisements and editorial content must be clearly distinguishable. All published content, including advertisements and sponsored supplementary materials, undergoes the same peer-review as the journal’s editorial content.
  3. EuroMid Academy of Business and Technology does not endorse any product or service marked as an advertisement or promoted by a sponsor in its publications.
  4. Advertisements should clearly identify the advertiser and the product or service being offered. Advertisements may not be deceptive or misleading and must be verifiable. Exaggerated or extravagantly worded copy will not be allowed.
  5. The advertiser will indemnify, defend, and hold harmless to EuroMid Academy of Business and Technology regarding all expenses arising from any claims, losses, or damages associated with the advertisement, including but not limited to violations of privacy, copyright infringement, and plagiarism.
  6. The advertisers or their agents will be responsible for the advertising material and warrant that they have the right to use any trademarks, service marks, or trade names depicted in the advertisement.
  7. Advertisements will not be accepted that include indecent or offensive material in the form of either text or artwork or content that is disparaging toward any persons as a group or individually regarding race or ethnicity, sexual orientation, or religion.
  8. All advertisements and pharmaceutical products should comply with the applicable laws, rules, and regulations in the country or countries where the advertisements will be seen.
  9. No advertisements for products or services known to be harmful to health will be accepted.
  10. The Advertiser assumes responsibility for the registration and protection of any copyright relating to the advertisement and also licenses to EuroMid Academy of Business and Technology the right to copy from the advertisement.
  11. The EuroMid Academy of Business and Technology retains all rights and the title to any materials that it prepares for advertisers.
  12. The EuroMid Academy of Business and Technology will not be held liable for any failure to publish an advertisement that it has accepted but will make reasonable efforts to publish it in available space subsequently.
  13. Advertisers and sponsors have no control or influence over the results of searches a user may conduct on our journals. Search results are based solely on the functionality available through our search software (e.g., keywords or natural language) and user-defined criteria (e.g., displaying most recent or most relevant items first).
  14. The EuroMid Academy of Business and Technology reserves the right to reject any type of advertisement at any time. Thus, all advertisements are subject to our approval.
  15. An advertisement may be withdrawn at any time from the journals’ website should the Editors, Publisher, or the collaborative societies request its removal.

Digital Cancellation Policy

On written notice to the publisher, the advertiser may cancel all or a portion of the campaign without penalty up to 30 days before the start date. For cancellations made within 21 days of the start date, the advertiser will be responsible for 50% of the amount agreed upon for delivery of the campaign.