Career Excellence between Leadership Roles and Achievement Motivation for Employees in the Ministry of Education in the United Arab Emirates


Excellence, Career Excellence, leadership, Achievements Motivation, Awards, Hamdan Bin Rashid Award, Khalifa Education Award, Sharjah Award, United Arab Emirates

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Salman, M. and Battour, M. (2020) “Career Excellence between Leadership Roles and Achievement Motivation for Employees in the Ministry of Education in the United Arab Emirates”, International Journal of Business Ethics and Governance, 3(1), pp. 43-70. doi: 10.51325/ijbeg.v3i1.33.


This study aims to analyze the leadership impact on employees’ motivation and career excellence in the Ministry of Education in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The study relies on a questionnaire composed of (5) axes, (10) paragraphs, and (55) phrases. The survey was structured based on the following criteria: the model of government leadership in the UAE, the criteria for job excellence adopted in government excellence, the EFQM (The European Foundation for Quality Management) Model, and the achievement motivation for Mwary and McClelland. The sample consists of 283 distinguished employees in the ministry (a rate of 30% of total distinguished employees) who won three awards: Khalifa Education Award 2007, Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum for Distinguished Academic Performance in 1998, and Sharjah Award for Excellence 1995. Employees were chosen in a random stratified method to ensure a fair and varied representation. The study uses the quantitative and descriptive approaches. Results show that job excellence is moderately affected by the leadership style while it is highly affected by distinguished employees’ own motives and practices. In addition, job excellence is moderately affected by competition standards, which is attributed to the need to enhance work conditions and competitive environment in the Ministry of Education. The study concludes with important recommendations to the Ministry of Education, leaders, managers, award departments, and distinguished winners in various categories.


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